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--Ever wonder just how safe college campuses are? Read about my close encounter with a rapist and murderer while I was in college, and see which colleges are ranked the safest. Campus Safety Guide

--If you're a gym goer you probably have a few pet peeves of your own. My personal pet peeve can be seen on Page 4 of the Total Beauty article "10 Annoying Habits That Drive Gym Goers Crazy:" Keep Your Sweat to Yourself

--As a frequent expat, Leder knows the pitfalls of living abroad and the temptation of foreign food. Read Leder's latest article with "The Displaced Nation" on how to avoid the Expat 10: NEW VS OLDE WORLDS: The "Expat Ten" can work both ways


The following is a list of just some of the web sites where Leder has been published:

Yahoo! News, Prevention, AOL (StyleList, That's Fit, Shopping, and Careers Articles),  CNN Living, The Bark, Dog Channel, The Displaced Nation, Best Colleges, OpEdNews, Travels,  The Good Men Project (What Women Want), Modern Dog, Guarding Dogs, The Daily Puppy, Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend, Yahoo! Contributor Network, Made Man, The Daily Star, World News, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Constant Content, Demand Studios, eHow, Helium, Atlantic Publishing, Spot and Fido, Pet Friendly World, Total Beauty, Daily Article, Examiner, Tails 'n' Trails, Breed Dog Training, LIfeScript, Dog Magazine, Pup Squad Animal Rescue, 320Sycamore, Wellsphere, Organized Wisdom, Bukisa, Two Sentence Stories, Story Mash, Barnes and Noble, Firehow, Theatre Monkey, Ticketmaster (Featured Reviews), London Eating, and Amazon. 

As the Houston Dogs Examiner Leder published articles dealing with dog related issues including health, news, events, spay/neuter, and adoption.